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  • Nick Naumov University of Northampton


Dr. Nikola (Nick) Naumov is currently a Senior Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism Management at the Faculty of Business & Law, University of Northampton, United Kingdom. Nick earned his PhD in Human Geography at King’s College London where he also worked as an associate lecturer. Nick holds a Master of Science in International Tourism from University of Bedfordshire and a Master of Arts in Tourism Management and Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Hospitality Management from Assen Zlatarov University in his native Bulgaria.

Nick’s research interests mainly concentrate on cultural and heritage tourism, World Heritage and socio-cultural impacts of tourism. He is particularly interested in social and cultural geographies, more specifically geographies of culture, heritage and memory. His PhD, supervised by Dr Ruth Craggs and Prof David Harrison, explored the changing discourse of heritage in socialist and post-socialist Bulgaria with a focus on (1) the changing heritage policies at national level, (2) the contested nature of socialist monumentality, collective memory and (post)socialist urban space and (3) the problematic discourse around World Heritage and tourism, more specifically, the changing attitudes and meanings people attached to World Heritage and the role of international tourism. His ongoing work is focused on the interplay between tourism, cultural heritage and creative practices of art and crafts and particularly, the promotion of intangible heritage as a tourism resource. His latest work is on gastronomic tourism in Mexico, food tourism and cultural experiences and Singapore, cultural festivals and cultural tourism in Mozambique, and food tourism in Bangladesh.

Nick has published in various peer-reviewed journals and books on cultural and heritage tourism, food tourism and gastronomic experiences, destination management and leadership and service innovation in tourism and hospitality. His work has appeared in Tourism, Tourism Review, Anatolia, Tourism Planning and Development, European Journal of Tourism Research, Journal of Gastronomy, Hospitality, and Travel, Journal of Tourism & Services, etc. His conference record includes presentations at conferences and events as well as guest workshops and lectures held in United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Hong Kong, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, China, South Korea and Bulgaria. Nick is also a regular ad-hoc reviewer for many journals including Journal of Heritage Tourism, International Journal of Tourism Cities, Anatolia, Tourism Management Perspectives, Sustainability, etc.

Nick is an active academic practitioner and committed to an interdisciplinary approach to scholarship and teaching. His teaching career started in 2013 when he started as an associate lecturer and graduate teaching assistant at King’s College London and part-time lecturer at West Herts College (Watford, United Kingdom). His teaching practice is focused on the active-blended teaching model which is based on small-group teaching, virtual tutorials and using technologies in the classroom. In addition to his teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Nick also has visiting posts at Munich University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Germany), Luxury Hotel School (France), Global Business School (Spain & Malta) and Meikai University (Japan). Nick holds a Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice and is also a Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

In addition to his academic career, Nick is also proactively engaged with expert evaluation missions, consultancy work, mentoring and industry initiatives. He has been involved with Rotary UNESCO Historic Cities, Heritage of Peace Programme, an initiative established by Rotary clubs around the world to promote heritage conservation and heritage tourism, since its launch in 2013 and has supported the conferences held in Urbino (2013), Istanbul (2015) and Zamosc (2019). His most recent work is with Council of Europe and European Institute of Cultural Routes where he is working as an external expert. Nick’s work has also conducted external assessments commissioned by the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai and Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.






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