Sustainable Forms of Tourism and their Prospects for the Development of Corfu


  • Vasiliki Delitheou Panteion University
  • Maria Karaggiani Panteion University
  • Evanthia Michalaki Panteion University


This article highlights the importance of the island of Corfu to change the tourism industry's current development model by reorientating toward more sustainable forms of tourism. This change will bring multiple benefits to the island, as the proposed forms of tourism suit its characteristics while meeting the necessary criteria and conditions of Spatial Planning and Sustainable development for tourism. The research method on which the paper is based is mainly bibliographic research, and the data gathered from the literature are based on secondary data.

Author Biographies

Vasiliki Delitheou, Panteion University

Prof. Delitheou Vassiliki is Assistant Professor at Panteion University. Her teaching and relevant activities include apart from Panteion University, Neapolis University, Pafos, CYPRUS, Harokopeion University, Hellenic National Defense College (HNDC), National School of Public Administration, National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government and others. Her thematic areas are Regional Development, investments, Local Government. She is the author of several books, numerous journal papers and she has presented papers and research work at several conferences

Maria Karaggiani, Panteion University

Greek Language and Literature Teacher at the Greek Community of Toronto, Ontario Canada

Evanthia Michalaki, Panteion University

Graduate of the Postgraduate Program

Applied Economics and Regional Development




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Delitheou, V., Karaggiani, M. and Michalaki, E. (2020) “Sustainable Forms of Tourism and their Prospects for the Development of Corfu”, e-Review of Tourism Research, 18(2), pp. 234–251. Available at: (Accessed: 30 November 2023).