Russian Ecotourism in International Research: Limited Literature Contrasts Rich Resources


  • Dmitry A Ruban Southern Federal University
  • Natalia N Yashalova Cherepovets State University


Scientific treatment of the large ecotourism potential of Russia would contribute to tourism growth and sustainable development in this country. The bibliographical survey has resulted in 38 articles considering Russian ecotourism and published in international journals. Many of these articles deal with ecotourism conceptualization and national potential and focus on the Russian North-West, the Altay Mountains, the Lake Baikal, and Kamchatka. Both Russian and foreign scientists contribute to the knowledge of Russian ecotourism, but international research collaboration is weak. The journals' bibliometric parameters, where the analyzed articles were published, indicate the research in the Russian ecotourism remains marginal. Some recommendations for its improvement are given, and, particularly, the necessity of shift from geographical to sociological context of research is stressed.

Author Biographies

Dmitry A Ruban, Southern Federal University

Associate Professor at the Department of Hospitality Business of SFU

Natalia N Yashalova, Cherepovets State University

Chair and Professor of the Department of Economics and Management of the Business School of ChSU




How to Cite

Ruban, D. A. and Yashalova, N. N. (2020) “Russian Ecotourism in International Research: Limited Literature Contrasts Rich Resources”, e-Review of Tourism Research, 18(1), pp. 22–44. Available at: (Accessed: 30 November 2023).




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