Sustainable Tourism Development in Vietnam: A Critical Review


  • Jaeyeon Choe Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Swansea University
  • Giang Phi College of Business and Management, Vin University


Vietnam has achieved enormous economic growth after a series of reforms in the 1980’s, leading to foreign direct investment and the development of the tourism sector. A tourism industry emerged and has burgeoned with the increase of inbound international tourists. In this introductory paper, we critically discuss the three pillars of sustainable development – economic, environment and social elements and how they are addressed in Vietnam tourism research. As well as introducing the special issue papers, primarily written by local scholars, we suggest future research directions. In this special issue, the papers offer Vietnamese scholars’ voices, their interpretations, methodological approaches, and conceptualisations, as they explore sustainable tourism practices and development in Vietnam. These papers provide meaningful insights for future tourism development and research directions.




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Choe, J. and Phi, G. (2022) “Sustainable Tourism Development in Vietnam: A Critical Review ”, e-Review of Tourism Research, 18(6), pp. 803–819. Available at: (Accessed: 20 April 2024).