Towards university involvement in community-based tourism monitoring & evaluation education


  • Ivan Gunass Govender Durban university of Technology
  • Andrea Giampiccoli Durban University of Technology


The aim of this paper is not to construct a comprehensive framework but rather propose a solid conceptual foundation for enhancing the impacts of CBT projects with increased engagement with universities. While universities possess various characteristic values to assist in CBT projects, monitoring and evaluation are fundamental in CBT projects. Despite it being decades that CBT is proposed as a way of tourism development, there is a dearth of information regarding the monitoring and evaluation of CBT. In South Africa, universities are challenged to engage with communities effectively, and there is also very little evidence that universities prepare both undergraduate and postgraduate students in CBT-M&E education. The low levels of community engagement and omission by universities to present monitoring and evaluation education in their curricula could lead to the CBT programme and/or project not achieving its sets goals. In view of the above deficiency, this paper advances an interactive model between University and key stakeholders in a CBT project about M&E proposing four main groups: the M&E process, stakeholder management, collaboration activities, and reflective learning work synergistically to achieve the CBT impacts. This paper is significant as it advocates for greater university-community engagement and enhancing CBT-M&E education to enable transformative learning and sustainability.

Author Biographies

  • Ivan Gunass Govender, Durban university of Technology

    Department of Entrepreneurial Studies and Management

    Senior Lecturer

  • Andrea Giampiccoli, Durban University of Technology

    Hospitality and Tourism


    Research Fellow







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